Monday, October 13, 2008

Cold Water

Hello there. I decided to start somewhat of a blog where I will talk about videos I made as well as other videos I like. This is the first entry.

Originally, I started making this video a while ago, and I kinda got stuck in middle of it. I love Damien Rice and I wanted to do a vid to this song called Cold Water. At the time, I thought I should go with another song and that is where I started with one idea but finished on another one.

The lyrics of Sia's "Breathe Me" fitted better so I saved this project as a separate file on Ulead and put it in the folder with the other unfinished project. So, I continued on the same idea with some slight changes then what I had originally on mind and that is how I made my other video called "Breathe Me".

While the other day I was going through some ideas for a new vid, I came across this file and opened it on Ulead. And there we are, we see Scully opening the doors and entering the room (just like on the Breathe Me video) and thought this was perfect for the new video I wanted to make. I had the whole concept of the voiceovers, IWTB scenes and the car scenes already on my mind. Got them while I was taking a shower (hehe), run to my computer and kinda put it together as it is now (or almost).

I mostly throw the most of scenes I have in mind all together and then finish making my videos on a process which I call "sculpturing"... Sounds silly, but it's like a sculpture that is becoming shape, I throw the stuff together and make a form out of it and come back later to finish the fine work, like adjusting and editing small pieces.

For instance, the 3 scenes where Mulder and Scully touch hands following the song's lyrics came to me as I was almost done with the video so I had to go back and redo all the necessary editing to fit these 3 details into the final version. The car driving scene is from Six Feet Under, I loved that final scene of the series and how they've killed all of the characters and wrapped that show (glad it didn't happen on X-Files!). It was a great moment and I wanted to integrate it into my vid.

You will also notice the two similar scenes from Fight the Future and I want to believe integrated into the driving sequence at the end.

I've received many comments for you people and it really helps to keep me motivated and make more. So I thank you, it helps me improve and try not to deceive you all while still holding to my viding style.Until next time. Gomnitus.

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