Friday, August 21, 2009

Video of the Interview with Gillian

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Here is a video with parts of that interview Gillian gave yesterday at the Sarajevo Film Festival. In my previous post, I translated an article from a croatian site where the author made a mistake saying "The X-Files movie is in planning"... I'm sorry for that, I couldn't know that it wasn't exactly what Gillian said. If you watch the video, she also talks about X-Files 3 so you can judge for yourself.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Second Interview with Gillian - Of course I would play in a new "X-Files" movie!

Please note that the author of this article clearly says that the movie was being planned, however I just watched the original video of this very long interview ( section Coffee With...) and Gillian responded that there were talks about maybe making a third movie in 2012. She adds that she'd love to play in it since she's very devoted to the people who work on "The X-Files"

Gillian Anderson, american actress, she loves the roles of women with dark secrets, does not think that she's a control freak and loves Cevapi.

"Of course I would accept to play in a new (third) "X-Files" movie", she said for during the chat with the media and the audience at the last press conference of this 15th edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

With this statement, the actress wanted to let people know that she's not bothered with the fact that most of the people call her "Agent Scully" which she has played over a decade in a tv-show and the two feature movies. The third movie, according to her, is in early stages and should be filmed by 2012!

Anderson also said during the press conference that the main reason why she didn't succeed on separating her "Scully" image from her career is the fact that she wasn't really aware of how important the work of the publicity agents is. "only since last year I have an agent who's main goal is to redirect my career in a different direction from that of the role which I played on "The X-Files". Personally, I was not aware of the impact of that role and of the mechanism which makes you famous. Fox television, who is the owner of "The X-Files" has done the publicity part surrounding the series obviously very well. Even my new agent has noticed that during the last 10 years, I was being interviewed only about my character on the series. That was great for the show's publicity but not that much for my personal affirmation outside that project."

"The X-Files" was filmed during 9 months a year and the actress remembered how she thought back than that she would be able to do different movies and plays during her 3 months break for the rest of the year. It turned out to be something very exhausting.

When asked if she really is a control freak, Gillian smiled and said that she might be trying to keep things under control, but that in her case, the things control her: "As I decided to become an actress, that was mostly because of the theater. I told myself I would not end up on television at any cost, which did happen after all. Somehow, there are events that define the course of the life. One of those events is when I followed an advice and traveled to Chicago from New York to an audition. I prepared myself for the play on a bench in a park and everything seemed so unsignificant on that day just like any day. But I was noticed by some people and offered me some help, on one condition. If I move back to New York which I accepted."

Making living in a theater turned out to be difficult. The actress had had no job during one year, even though she went to auditions very often. She worked as a waitress. Something similar happened in Los Angeles where she was trying to make a breakthrough for one year. "One day, I went for the audition on "The X-Files". After that I received a call followed by more calls after what I went to Vancouver, where the filming started.

When asked why she always choses to play the roles of women with dark secrets, Gillian replied that those roles always find her, a similar situation happened when she was offered the role of a doctor's wife in the movie "Last King of Scotland" from the producer Kevin McDonald, about the Uganda dictator Ida Amin. "The coincidence is that before the movie was made, I had visited Africa several times with my husband. As the producer called me and when I read the script, I knew that it was the right thing to do because I could get into the role of a white women who are somehow connected to Africa."

Gillian didn't hide the fact that before the invitation to come to Sarajevo, she didn't know that the city had a film festival. "But I know what you have been through and I admire you as a community fighting for survival during the war". She added that she loves the bosnian food and by what she described, we can conclude that she talks about "Cevapi". "They brought us a big plate with meat and onions in the restaurant, but I especially loved that bosnian bread (Somun)."

When it comes to the plans for the future, Gillian said that her priority is her personal life. That's why, as she says, she isn't in a hurry about anything, she's writing a book for 7 years and obviously enjoys life. She recently played a lesbian in a movie called "Boogie Woogie" and the movie should be released later this year.

Gillian will be going to Dubrovnik along with Mickey Rourke to attend the Dubrovnik Film Meeting.


Translation by Gomnitus

"Sarajevo is more beautiful then I ever thought" - Interview by Gillian Anderson

On the last day of the Sarajevo Film Festival, Gillian Anderson, the 41 year old actress gave an interview. She became world wide famous with her role as the Special Agent Dana Scully in "The X-Files".

Anderson has talked about the sci-fi series which has made her popular, but also about difficulties when the series was over. The producers saw her only as the agent who was born to solve mysteries.

In efforts to break this chain, as she said, she was helped by the producer Willard Carroll who gave her a role in his movie "Playing by Heart". As she stated, that was one of her favorite roles since she has already been admiring Wilard Carroll's work but also because of the fact that the list of actors on this film was very impressive, including the following actors; Sean Connery, Angeline Jolie, Jon Stewart, Gene Rowlands and Ryan Phillippea...

"I loved his previous movies and I hoped that he could prove to the world that I was able to do something different", said Gillian. She played in 9 seasons of "The X-Files" and she said she enjoyed every moment of it."

"Despite the fact that I didn't dislike playing on this show, it was very different from playing on a movie. Filming a movie comes as a vacation, the rhythm is slower. The daily pression on the series set is the worse part which no one should endure. Usually, the series was filmed during a period of 9 months. I had time for myself only during the remaining 3 months of the year to take vacation and to have a chance to do something else", said this guest of the Sarajevo Film Festival. She will be holding a lecture at the Talent Campus later today.

Anderson spoke about her acting debute - she has done her first play as she was in the sixth grade. She also spoke about her future project and how she plans to direct movies.

"I am very interested in directing. There's a book I would like to adapt on big screen and I've been working on that for quite some time", said Anderson. She has already had the opportunity to direct one episodes of "The X-Files".

At the end of the interview, she also told the press that "Sarajevo is more beautiful then I ever thought"

"The city looks amazing and I am happy to visit the downtown this afternoon. I took a walk in Sarajevo last night and had a dinner. You have a delicious food here."


Translation from bosnian by Gomnitus.

Gillian Anderson in Sarajevo

On Wednesday (August 19) the eminent American actress Gillian Anderson arrived to Sarajevo. The Festival audience was able to see this outstanding actress on the red carpet at 10.30 p.m. the same day.

This exceptional actress, who gained the wide popularity with the role of Dana Scully in the cult TV series THE X-FILES, which earned her numerous awards including the Golden Globe, the Emmy Award, and the Screen Actor Guild Award, as well as the title of one of the most popular actresses of todayis going to be one of the lecturers at the 3rd Sarajevo Talent Campus.

She also realised important roles in the films such as THE MIGHTY with Kieran Culkin, PLAYING BY HEART with Sean Connery and Angelina Jolie, A COCK AND BULL STORY by Michael Winterbottom, THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND in which she played together with James McAvoy and Forrest Whitaker, and HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS AND ALIENATE PEOPLE with Kirsten Dunst and Megan Fox.

For the role in THE HOUSE OF MIRTH by Terence Davies, she won the British Independent Film Award for the best actress and The Village Voice Film Critic’s Poll for the best acting performance.

In 2005, she was a part of an extremely successful BBC TV project – a TV adaptation of the Charles Dickens’ novel BLEAK HOUSE.