Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It feels like IWTB

It is wednesday and only few days separate me and the IWTB dvd... I looked out my window last night and what a surprise! It started snowing! I stared outside for a while, remembering the past year, my excitement as I went to see The X-Files : I Want To Believe for the first time. It was in an open-air summer theater. There was a crowd of people and I could see, many excited Philes. And there I was. Watching Mulder and Scully again. On the big screen. The weather wasn't the best, it almost started raining at one point and you could see thunder in the background.

So much excitment, and so much joy... Now I feel the same awiting the dvd to arrive to my home. I never understood why I like this show so much, after so many years. I guess I'll never really know.

The new exciting news is that Youtube has made some improvments. The video size limit was bought up from 100MB to 1GB and it's all in HD. So now I am trying to render some of my videos in HD version for the enjoyment of all Philes. I guess that will make me quite busy for a while. I have to make many adjustments but I am happy to share them in better quality now.

If you care, you can check out my original channel which will be the place where I'll put up all my HD vids, for now. The link is here.

See you soon. Thanks for reading. Gomnitus.

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