Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nothing important happened today

A strange thing happened to me today.. no, I haven't seen an alien or Paris Hilton... nope. Well I was in the supermarket here and well while walking there, a group of people walking by, one of them started whistle... The X-Files theme... heheh yeah. It is strange, I just smiled and went on. I guess years after, TXF remains in subconsciousness of the people.

The other thing I wanted to talk about is the Fanderson meetings around the world. I once wrote to the Gillian Anderson's website concerning the charity auctions.. the lady who was so kind to answer, well she wrote to me that despite all the efforts, not many fans are actually supporting the charity action by our lovely Mrs. Anderson. This is why I will participate this year, anything you can give is welcomed and I think very much appreciated by Gillian.

You can get the entire picture by visiting the "Inspired by Gillian" website, and make sure you donate at least 1 dollar or euro.

Inspired by Gillian Website

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