Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A lookback at some old videos of mine

This journey as a vidder, this experience, one which was brought up by the announcement of The X-Files : I want to believe movie, has trully been enrichening in so many ways. I got to know many new people and some of them count as my friends today, Back then, it was all about the excitement for the new movie. I remember with joy those days and back in 2007, I never thought I would get to make so many videos. I didn't even know how to make one, so I guess the excitement lies there. And I did, learned how to vidd with support and love from the philes from around the globe. There come times where we draw a line and look back so I can't but bring back some old videos I've made. In name of those times that all of philes will remember dearly, or as I call it, the pre-IWTB era. Here are some of them, in poor quality but brought back to you from ashes. I intend to upload them all and put the link on my websites video section.

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