Friday, January 16, 2009

The Obama Files

We all know that the truth is out there and that for 8 years or so an alien was sitting in the oval office. Well, almost alien, except for his face which has much ressemblance with a monkey... well I could go on but that person is almost history.

I was reading a newspaper this morning and one article caught my attention. "Bye Bye Doubleyou" from swiss paper Le Matin. Maybe this video will help you understand what I am talking about...

And so the "comedian" (as many europeans call him) is going away and a "change" is at the horizon in Washington. I believe Obama will bring the changes he promissed and I must say, he is my next favorite US president. Hope he won't disappoint us all.

Image by GomnitusImage by Gomnitus

To celebrate his arrival in the White House in a few days, I have created this two avatars of Mulder and Scully over at this cool site where you can upload any photo and make it look like the famous Obama Ad.

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