Monday, January 19, 2009

X-files _ MSR_How we used to be (watch in HD)

I was telling myself the other day how the holiday season got us all busy and I've noticed there's been a slow-down in the fandom.. Not many new vids, some yeah, but still, I need to see "new" X-Files stuff even though it's not so new :D

The good thing about vidding is that you can manipulate the clips and make a whole new story and feeling about it. So in a way it does look "new"... sorta..

Well, Yellowbee, my fellow vidder and friend, has come up with this new video called "How we used to be" and it looks fresh due to the rarely used clips she put. The video is a must-see for everyone reading this, don't hesitate to give her some love and support, we all need it from time to time :D After all, we're all human.. or not?


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Young Heejin said...

Hi there, you know how we used to be is really great! I really loved it. Yellowbee really did a great job. I actually praised her twice now. I can't get of it. :D